By John Raslowsky, PSO Asst. Director of Basketball Scouting
Jun 20, 2019

Bitazde has emerged as the most NBA-ready international prospect of this draft. His game is surprisingly polished and he seems to know his strengths and weaknesses well enough to make the correct decisions within the game. As with every overseas player, the main question is the competition Goga has faced and if he can handle NBA-caliber speed, size, and strength.

Goga Bitazde Full Scouting Report

After only 1 year playing for Shaka Smart, Hayes should hear his name called during the lottery on draft night. He has the size and skill set of a current day big man and is quick enough to keep up with the pace of play. His knowledge of the game has plenty of room to grow and his fundamentals need work, but he is the type of project most coaches would be happy to have.

Jaxson Hayes Full Scouting Report

Bol Bol has all the skills necessary to become an elite player in the league if he puts it all together, giving him one of the highest ceilings in the draft. The two major questions will be his effort and the ability to stay healthy. The effort should be an easy fix when surrounded by professionals, but staying healthy through 82 games will be a major red flag for teams and could cause him to fall on draft night.

Bol Bol Full Scouting Report

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