By John Raslowsky, PSO Asst. Director of Basketball Scouting
Jun 20, 2019

By now, everyone has heard about Zion and what he can do on the basketball court. The dunks are great, but what really makes him an attractive prospect is his willingness to learn, and ability to showcase a balanced game. With the right coaching and some better luck in the injury department, he can become one of the greatest to ever pick up a basketball. 

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Coming fresh off a national championship, there is a lot of buzz surrounding Hunter approaching the draft. Hunter has the body to become an elite defender and a solid offensive game already. The biggest question about him is will he be able to play in a modern NBA system which are much different than Tony Bennett’s at Virginia.

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Clarke was left off everybody’s draft board before the season, but was able to flip the script with an all-around dominant junior season at Gonzaga. His athleticism will be his calling card in the league, and his offensive game holds potential for growth. Being 22 already is a negative because he will need to develop quickly in order to stick around.

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