By John Raslowsky, PSO Asst. Director of Basketball Scouting
Jun 20, 2019

RJ Barrett has been primed to be a top pick in the 2019 draft for the last few years. His combination of natural talent and will to win make him a prospect most teams would love to have on their team. His potential is sky-high and with enough improvement on his efficiency/consistency, he can become an elite player capable of leading a Championship-caliber team

RJ Barrett Full Scouting Report

Culver burst on to the scene this season by leading Texas Tech to the brink of a national championship. NBA teams admire his team-first style of play and the leadership he displayed throughout the year. His well-rounded game should translate to today’s NBA, and his potential to grow the outside shot is high as well.

Jarrett Culver Full Scouting Report

While Reddish was overshadowed during his time at Duke, he still has huge upside at only 19 years old. His perimeter shooting is his strongest trait making him a perfect fit for a run and gun offense. His production does not match that of a lottery pick, but he is clearly willing to fill whatever role is needed. 

Cam Reddish Full Scouting Report

Porter Jr.’s talent has never been the question when evaluating him as a prospect. He can create his own shot better than anyone in the draft and has offensive skills NBA scouts dream about. His off-court issues and general attitude about the game would be the reason he falls in the draft. If he is able to put his heart and soul into having the best career possible, he’ll shine as a NBA player.

Kevin Porter Jr. Full Scouting Report

After a stellar career at Washington, Thybulle is ready to bring his defensive prowess to the NBA. Thybulle embodies the “grinder” mentality that many franchises strive to emulate. His offensive game has some catching up to do but his natural defensive abilities combined with his high basketball IQ and maturity should make him an instant contributor.

Matisse Thybulle Full Scouting Report

Little’s stock definitely declined throughout this past year. However, he still has the build and potential to be a starter throughout his NBA career. He should improve as he continues to polish aspects on both sides of the ball and understands how to get the most out of his freakish athleticism.

Nassir Little Full Scouting Report

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