By John Raslowsky, PSO Asst. Director of Basketball Scouting
Jun 18, 2019

Hometown: Khartoum, Sudan

School: Oregon

Class: Freshman

Age: 19

Ht: 7’2″

Wt: 208

Wingspan: 7’7″ 

Vertical: NA

  • Bol’s father, Manute, is the only NBA player with more blocks than points
  • Freshman year was cut short by a stress fracture in his left foot in December
  • Received his first Division I offer in 8th grade from New Mexico State


  • Off the charts measurements
  • Doesn’t need to jump to dunk
  • Length to be an elite rim protector
  • Can coral passes from everywhere



  • Nonathletic body movements
  • Not heavy enough for height
  • Easily moved by defenders

Grade: B+


  • Can shoot well over defenders
  • Versatile offensive game
  • Intelligent spot up shooter
  • Defensive stopper in lane



  • Bad perimeter defender
  • Falls in love with jumper
  • Gets pushed off block 


Grade: B+



  • Averaged 21 points and 10 rebounds per game
  • Very efficient 3 point shooter (52%)
  • Led Oregon in defensive rating
  • High usage rate and low turnover percentage
  • 2nd on team in blocks in only 9 games



  • 6-3 against subpar competition
  • Only played 9 games due to injury


Grade: A-


  • Can’t teach height and length
  • Familiar with NBA lifestyle



  • Major injury concern
  • Needs to gain weight
  • Effort is an issue when healthy
  • Questions about stamina
  • Liability on switches

Grade: C+

Bol Bol has all the skills necessary to become an elite player in the league if he puts it all together, giving him one of the highest ceilings in the draft. The two major questions will be his effort and the ability to stay healthy. The effort should be an easy fix when surrounded by professionals, but staying healthy through 82 games will be a major red flag for teams and could cause him to fall on draft night.

Pro Comp: Brook Lopez (Milwaukee Bucks)

Prime Destination: WAS, SAS, CHA


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