By Rob Mason, PSO President of Sports Operations
Dec 03, 2019

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Here is the best from December 2, 2019:

Kelly Oubre hasn’t had a big opportunity to thrive in a truly significant situation since he was a bench payer in DC where he was only 21 years old. Now that he’s had time to mature and develop, he’s showing the world exactly the type of player he can be and he had the most clutch performance of his career on Monday after single-handedly saving the Suns with elite play on both ends of the floor in the final minute.

Not to mention a viscious dunk earlier in the game:

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Can’t really blame Russell Wilson for this one, it was just a wild sequence that resulted in an unorthodox pick-6 for the Vikings.

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With the Vikings needing a score on 3rd & Goal, Kirk Cousins floated it up to Kyle Rudolph in the back of the end zone where he reeled it in with one-hand to keep Minnesota’s comeback hopes alive.

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Click on the Twitter thread below for ALL of the significant players non-tendered before the Dec. 2 deadline that adds plenty of talent to the Free Agent Class of ’19.

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The Sixers starting lineup along with Matisse Thybulle can lock up anyone. If “Defense Wins Championships,” there will be a fresh banner in the City of Brotherly Love this year.

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Somehow the Greek Freak continues to keep getting better and is still only 24 years old with one of, if not the brightest future of any player in the NBA.

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Cincinnati landed one of the best bats on the market by adding 2B/3B Mike Moustakas to take over the keystone for non-tendered Jose Peraza with Eugenio Suarez firmly entrenched at the hot corner.

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Before Jurickson Profar could get too comfortable in the Bay Area, he’ll now move again to San Diego where he can fill in for the recently-traded Luis Urias.

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For all the Heat MLB’s South Beach team gets for ‘rebuilding,’ they’re now showing they aren’t afraid to add some promising veterans if the price is right.

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These dunks highlighted an exciting night in the NBA.

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Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks

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The worst Monday Night Football performer ever.

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