By Arslan Ubul, PSO Asst. Research Analyst
Jan 11, 2021

Wildcard Weekend has concluded with six exciting games that will forever be remembered as the first-ever two-day period with six playoff games. Cleveland, Tampa Bay, and Buffalo finally broke their bad luck in the playoffs on the backs of their great QBs while the Rams, Ravens, and Saints will look to make their way back to the Super Bowl with some intelligent minds on the sidelines.


Here are the 10 most interesting facts to know from Wildcard Weekend:

Cleveland Browns upset over the Steelers finally got them a playoff win for the first time since returning to the Land.

Odds: CLE +220 (Spread +6.5) 
CLE Stock Price: $13.75 

Washington’s elite defensive front wasn’t enough to stop Tom Brady and his plethora of weapons.

Lamar went out on the field on Sunday to prove his doubters wrong and lead the Ravens to a victory behind his remarkable rushing ability.

The Buffalo Bills have been struggling for so long that Josh Allen wasn’t even born the last time they’ve won a playoff game.

Down a whole lot of points early in the game, the Steelers passed early and often as Big Ben was kept busy against the Browns defense.

Josh Allen is a Bills legend in the making, leading the team to the divisional round for the first time in his lifetime.

New Orleans dominated the Bears on both sides, shutting down Turbisky and containing Khalil Mack. 

Cam Akers’ playoff debut was a memorable one, as the Rams will rely on him in order to get back to the Super Bowl.

John Harbaugh’s impressive resume gets better, as he proves that he is one of the most underrated coaches of all-time, who’s already proven to be a HOF-caliber HC.

Colts and Bills played it safe Saturday by securing the ball, but only one team came out on top.




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