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Jul 01, 2020

One of the many valuable features on Pro Sports Outlook is the open/closed button below. That button (at the top and bottom of every article) will instantly open & close all tabs, helping users quickly view the desired subject they’re most interested in. Try it now to see how this can save you time when visiting PSO. The rest of Pro Sports Outlook’s original features are below. 

The 92 Team Outlooks (NFL/NBA/MLB) showcase every team’s likely roster expectations going forward and also include previous roster info: all draft picks, UDFA’s, Free Agent signings, trades, claims, and more! These future depth charts can be the common reference for looking at how a new acquisition might fit in, projecting what moves will be made, and getting a better understanding of what to expect from each player on the team. 

NFL Future Rosters | NBA Future RostersMLB Future Rosters

From monumental milestones to significant stats and other relevant facts that reveal how impressive a player or team’s performance is compared to the standard. PSO’s daily 5 Most Interesting Facts to Know Article highlights the most important facts everyday. Sports fans can also view the facts to know database sorted by each league as well as all 92 teams for the most intriguing facts about each franchise, continuously updated everyday.

NFL Facts to Know | NBA Facts to Know | MLB Facts to Know

One of PSO’s most notorious pieces of content is the Premium Reviews that serve to provide the most significant facts, entertaining highlights, valuable intel/takeaways, and insight into the future outlook from every primetime game or slate of sports games from that day. These are essentially the one-stop shop for everything fans need to know about that day’s game(s) to help people better understand and enjoy what’s really going on, while also seeing what to expect from those teams & players going forward. 

NFL Premium Reviews | NBA Game Reviews | MLB Premium Reviews

Everything to know about each day in the sports world as it happens including the major headlines, best highlights, key facts to know, main games, top performers, significant birthdays, and a list of the most notable events in sports history. 

Once the day is over, ‘What’s Happening in Sports’ turns to ‘What Happened in Sports’, providing fans with a full recap of each and every day that can be valuable to look back on days, months, or years later.

Days in Sports

Quickly catch up on the best stories, highlights, facts, and more in the NFL, NBA, & MLB everyday that includes the Player of the Day, Game of the Day, Fact of the Day, and Takeaway of the Day.

Player: Typically the most valuable performer during each day’s games.

Game: An ideal Game of the Day features a Game-Winner in Game 7 to win the Championship. They can’t all be that good though. 

Fact: The most significant record, milestone, or impressive occurrence revealed that day.

Takeaway: Valuable analysis based on what happened that day that impacts the future outlook of the teams and/or players involved

Best of the Day | Players of the Day | Games of the Day | Facts of the Day Takeaways of the Day

Ever wonder which players are consistently among the best in the league? Each league’s top performers page showcases the full list of the best performances everyday with some of the names one would expect and some surprises as well. Each top performance listing also comes with notable stats from that player’s performance as well as highlights.  

NFL Top Performers | NBA Top Performers | MLB Top Performers

It’s amazing sometimes to see how many incredible sports events actually happened on each day in history. In addition to the Today in Sports and Best in Sports that provides an in-depth recap into the sports world every day since July 1, 2019 (PSO’s launch date), our mission is to also help inform fans of the most significant sports history from each day in the annual calendar. 

Once all 365 days are in the books, it’ll be interesting to see if events that happen in the future are significant enough to bump one of the top-5 items off the list. It’s already occurred numerous times thanks to many notable events from 2019.   

Each day’s worth of significant sports history includes at least 5 major events, record-breaking performances, or memorable outcomes that continue to influence the game today. From Willie Mays’ legendary catch to David Tyree’s sensational Super Bowl snag to a variety of legendary occurrences from LeBron James or Michael Jordan, the Significant Sports History articles have all the best from the history of the game.

Most Significant Sports History

Pro Sports Outlook’s President & VP come together on Pro Sports Takes with some bold predictions about the future with explanations on why each take is actually likely to happen. These can lead to great advice about some future bets to take, sleeper picks in fantasy, and some interesting things to watch going forward as some of these takes have already proven to be right on the money.

Ex.1Why the Miami Heat Benefit the Most From the Hiatus

Ex.2How Tampa Bay Rays’ Chances in 2020 Improve More Than Any Other Team

Ex.3Reasons Why Tyler Herro Will Be the Breakout Player of the Bubble

All Pro Sports Takes Episodes

Choose up to 3 favorite teams for the most convenient online fan experience in sports. 

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Ever read some public list or rankings and think “what the hell is this?” That’s why all PSO rankings are supported by a grading system that helps eliminate any subjectiveness. More importantly, every PSO Rankings list also includes a feature for fans to create their own rankings. It’s now easier than ever to share your sports opinion and see how your assessments compare alongside the sports community as a whole.

All Fan Rankings Articles

Enjoy the most entertaining NFL, NBA, and MLB highlights sorted by date, leagues, and teams. 

NFL Highlights | NBA Highlights | MLB Highlights

Get updated with the real sports headlines only (none of the clickbait rumors or “reports”). These can also be sorted by latest, leagues, and teams. 

NFL Headlines | NBA Headlines | MLB Headlines

The Super Bowl, NBA Draft, MLB Free Agency, the list goes on and on when it comes to significant sports events (as seen below). There are usually multiple major topics going on at one time in the sports world. PSO has curated and filtered through many major sports websites along with original PSO articles for the most valuable content to see relating to each specific topic.

List includes:

Gain valuable information about the league’s next generation of stars through PSO’s exclusive scouting reports, designed to be uniquely valuable in evaluating a player’s future outlook by focusing on the four main subjects that summarize a player’s likelihood of succeeding at the next level including: Natural athleticism, developed skills, proven production, and overall risk.

NFL Scouting Reports | NBA Scouting Reports | MLB Scouting Reports

The best way to be successful making money from sports wagering is by having the right information available to understand what the most likely outcome is. That’s where money trends come in, showcasing tendencies that have occurred recently and could reveal a valuable investment to make. PSO’s money trend Articles revealed a 67% win rate during the 2019 NFL Season and look to build on that in 2020. 

Money Trends

Full Ratings & Grades for all NFL, NBA, & MLB players coming soon! 

Here’s an example based on James Harden’s debut with the Nets:

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