By PSO, All About the Game
Jul 01, 2019

Sometimes, it’s amazing to see how many incredible sports events actually happened on each day in history. In addition to the Today in Sports and Best in Sports that provides an in-depth recap into every day, starting July 1, 2019 (PSO’s launch date), our mission is to also help inform fans of the most significant sports history from every day in the calendar. Once all 365 days are in the books, it’ll be interesting to see if events that happen in the future are significant enough to bump one of the top-5 items off the list. It’s already occurred thanks to many notable events from 2019.

Each day’s worth of significant sports history includes at least 5 major events, record-breaking performances, or memorable outcomes that continue to influence the game today. From Willie Mays’ legendary catch to David Tyree’s sensational Super Bowl snag to a multitude of occurrences from LeBron James or Michael Jordan, the Significant Sports History articles have all the best from the history of the game.

Check out each day’s most significant sports history below:

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