By Rob Mason, PSO President of Sports Operations
Dec 02, 2019

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Here is the best from December 1, 2019:

Lamar Jackson continued his MVP campaign, not by just stuffing the stat sheet, but by doing what it takes to win. Jackson converted key 3rd/4th downs and helped drive the ball down the field that put Baltimore in a position to win as they’ve run through the gauntlet of the NFL’s elite for the right to be claimed the “Best Team in the NFL.”

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While Lamar Jackson led the Ravens past the NFC’s #1 team, Deshaun Watson powered the Texans past the AFC’s #1 seed entering the day, and even contributed as a receiver.

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Led by Sutton’s legendary catch & Lamar’s lethal juke, here are the best highlights from NFL Week 13:

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Cincinnati finally got a win! And they can thank their reclaimed starting QB Andy Dalton, who is now the all-time passing TD leader in Cincinnati Bengals franchise history.

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Miami is on a little hot streak now that they put up 37 points (!) on the Eagles as Fitzmagic is coming alive.

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Just two weeks after the Browns-Steelers last-minute fiasco on TNF, Mike Tomlin out-coached the rookie HC in Cleveland as the Steelers essentially ended the Browns playoff hopes with a 3rd string QB, RB, & WR in place…

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Luka Doncic is quickly becoming a household name in the NBA, and it’s because he keeps performing at an extremely high level against every kind of defense whether its at home or on the road.

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The game ended up being really exciting. Unfortunately for LA, the Chargers just can’t catch a break.

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The Jags signed Nick Foles to a $88M contract this past offseason, but while spending half the season on IR, Gardner Minshew sparked the offense in Foles’ absence. A Minshew rough patch easily gave Foles his job back upon his return, but with Foles now struggling, the Jags benched him for the first time. This will be a situation to monitor going forward.

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These baskets were a little unorthodox but counted just like any other shots.

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San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens

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Justin Tucker is as clutch as it gets.

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