By Rob Mason, PSO President of Sports Operations
Oct 25, 2019

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Here is the best from October 24, 2019:

In a battle between the two MVP candidates from last season, Giannis emerged as the better player once again, as he did last year to earn his 1st MVP award. He made some history in the process.

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Adrian Peterson is already a first-ballot Hall of Famer. That will be even more solidified as he continues to move up this legendary list.

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Coming off a big victory vs. the Lakers, the Clippers took care of business in San Francisco as well. They put up the most points against a Steve Kerr-coached team EVER.

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Kirk Cousins was the face of the Redskins franchise not too long ago. After signing the biggest guaranteed deal in NFL history, he now leads the Vikings as they took down the Redskins, as Cousins only had 3 incompletions. Washington’s new (hopeful) franchise QB Dwayne Haskins got in the game in the 2nd half after Case Keenum was deemed out with a concussion.

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The Philadelphia Phillies finalized their manager pursuit with the hiring of Yankees World Champion manager Joe Girardi. He’ll try to be one of five Managers to ever win the World Series as the coach of two different teams.

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Trae Young exploded in Atlanta’s season opener, while Derrick Rose also continued his revitalization with another impressive performance.

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New England resolved the Michael Bennett tension by trading him to Dallas for a late-round pick. The two teams will face off in a few weeks.

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The 2018 No.1 Overall Pick will miss almost a third of the season after being suspended for testing positive (diuretic).

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A dunking icon, an all-time 3-point shooter, and the player who’s played the most seasons in NBA history. Half man, half amazing: Vince Carter.

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Aaron Hicks is a premier defensive CF and came up with big hits for the Yankees during close regular season games and the playoffs. His elbow injury that forced him out of a few postseason games will now require Tommy John surgery, forcing him to miss at least half of the 2020 season.

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Adrian Peterson among the GOATs.

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