By Rob Mason, PSO President of Sports Operations
Oct 05, 2019

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Here is the best from October 4, 2019:

Justin Verlander is one of the best pitchers in the game, and is even better in the postseason. This became even more evident as he dominated the Rays and moved up the all-time career postseason leaderboards for Wins & Strikeouts.

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No pitcher in history (min. 4 GS) has a lower postseason ERA than Stephen Strasburg. Strasburg’s 6 innings of 3-hit, 1-run ball actually increased his ERA.

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After a significant laser throw from the OF in Game 1, Duvall pinch-hit in the 7th inning of a 1-0 game and blasted a 2-run shot that put the game out of reach.

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The NFL counted down the greatest games ever in NFL history. Click on the Twitter thread below for the full list.

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The Yankees did what they do. Bombs galore in the north Borough.

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From the very 1st inning, Mike Foltynewicz dominated on Friday, carrying over his late-season success into October.

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On a day of four MLB Playoff Games, there was sure to be some web gems, but expectations were exceeded with these exceptional plays.

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With 18 days left until the NBA Season kicks off, here’s the best from the 2018 Draft Class.

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Leonard Fournette had the best game of his career with 225 yards on Sunday. The NFL broke down his performance below.

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On Derrick Rose’s birthday, the NBA gave a special shoutout to the former MVP by showcasing the best handles, crossover, and dribble moves during his illustrious career.

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Washington Nationals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

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Best ERA in MLB postseason history.

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